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About us

Hi! We are m(Mona)+c(Christos) design
Our Store Concept

In April 2017 we embarked upon the difficult task of compiling a variety of new enterprises that collectively would depict “The Νew Face of Greece”. The daunting goal was to assimilate an all-encompassing data base of fresh and unique start-ups primarily comprised of exquisite fashion and jewellery designers all born from the rich bounty and nature of Greece. This compilation of young cutting-edge entrepreneurs with their unique products would provide the knowledgeable connoisseur with a new image.

The ultimate goal would be to unravel the old stereotypical images and to bring forth a refreshing new image and dimension. This new persona would adhere and respect the traditional values while at the same time expound on the gigantic strides of those that chose to dare in a climate of uncertainty and crisis. 

The last years with the crisis in our lives, and the big financial insecurity many people started to ''think outside the box''. 
Update on the political issues brought up the necessity to believe in our talents and our people while reinforcing their strongest will to build their future based on their own power.
For us, crisis, brought the sense of creativity in difficult times. The resounding response to those who believe that the economic crisis has reduced talent, or dreams for progress. The smell of young people, intensely left behind them, that of the fresh ingredients, transformed into design masterpieces, and that this is the beginning of a new Greece. And that's the whole meaning of our store

Our Store Name

In Greece, it is customary to "spit" three times after making a compliment to someone, the spitting is done to protect from the evil eye.  Nowadays, one is more likely to just say "ftou- ftou", an interjection imitating the sound of spitting.

Giving a new twist to this traditional saying and taking into account the uniqueness of our products we tranformed it from ftou-ftou (φτου-φτου) to F2-F2.

Try it for yourself.....

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