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Pestemal is a woven fabric in rectangular shape that is traditionally used for body covering. 


The tradition of pestemal meets nowadays with the contemporary perception of production and design, maintaining at the same time its authentic characteristics.

Hand-loomed from high quality cotton, linen and bamboo, Pestemals are easy to clean, lightweight and very versatile. 

The high moisture absorption, the ability to dry fast, the antibacterial attributes and their delicate texture, makes them an absolute must have for all seasons. 


Always keep one pestemal in your bag…


You can use them for whatever you need, whenever you need them.


Due to its colors and harmonic design, Pestemals can be used as scarf, pareo, wrap, tablecloth, sofa cover, throw and many more.

It’s thin weaving results in less needed space, so it is easily to carry it at pools, spas, beaches, sport facilities and finally it becomes an essential part of your journeys.


 Why use Pestemal products?


  • Made out of cotton, which has long lasting texture and natural shine, is extremely absorbent and is incredibly soft.

  • Made out of Bamboo. Bamboo is a tree, which grows in the Far East and has antibacterial attributes. Apart from preventing the growth of bacteria, bamboo is known for its high moisture absorption, good permeability and reversibility. It is also eco-friendlyand natural. Bamboo pestemals allow the body to breathe more easily and due to their antistatic nature they do not stick to the body.

All items are made to order.

Delivery times may vary depending on design.

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